The Rhino Watch Lodge is situated in Kenya´s central highlands nestled between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains.The magnificent view of Mt Kenya in combination with a peaceful setting of the Lodge makes for a warm welcome.In order to offer our guests maximum comfort and feel completely at home, the complex consists of various different accommodationsto suit individual needs. Furthermore there are a number of other beautiful spaces that allow our guests to optimize their stay with us and enjoy the surroundings.

In the upper part of the property 5 double chalets and 2 family chalets are built. These are very comfortable accommodations with ample living space, which enable guests to relax and enjoy in luxury during their stay.

Our ‘bush bar’ serves cold andf exotic drinks. The bar is only accessible to guests of Rhino Watch Lodge and is not open to the public.This allows for guests to spend time amongst themselves.Our ‘bush restaurant’ serves delicious food in a cosy and warm atmosphere.

In the lower part of the property you can find the camp with 7 exclusive spacious double safari-like tents.The center of the property holds a pond, which has become a favorite nesting location for weaver birds. Next to it we have built a library, which also has a small bar and veranda. This seating area is surrounded by blooming flowers and bushes and is the ideal location to enjoy some refreshments.

The roof top has a wonderful view and it is a good place from where to observe birds in the tree tops and since December 2014 the bird watching plattform is open.Next to the library there is a garden pavilion and a conference room that is used to give presentations. Small seminar groups can be accommodated here. In addition it can be used as an excellent facility for yoga or meditation groups.In December 2014 we opened a smal Spa facility with a Sauna, Jacuzzi amnd massage room. Herte we offer some relaxing massages which is realy a nice choice after a long Safari day.

We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our guests and we set the highest standards to ensure their happiness and comfort.Visit us at Rhino Watch, experience pure wilderness in the surrounding protected areas and relax in a family atmosphere while enjoying the friendly, professional service.

Karibu tena!