The Rhino Watch Safari Lodge is situated in the central Kenyan highlands and offers a beautiful view of Mt Kenya. Surrounded by three wildlife reserves the lodge provides an ideal base for safari game drives.
Warm hospitality and a friendly atmosphere await you. The Rhino Watch Lodge is an oasis of peace and relaxation, a perfect place if you need to get away from it all. We offer lovingly designed rooms in different categories and are specialized in accommodating nature and wildlife enthusiasts, families but also professional photographers and film crews.

For many years we offer safaris that are specifically geared towards accommodating families. Our family programs provide ideal conditions for both you and your young ones, with relatively short travel distances, family-friendly accommodations in the heart of nature and exciting game drives.

The park plays a major part in the protection and breeding of black rhinos in Kenya. Breeding has been so successful that rhino from Solio have stocked game reserves all over Africa. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information on the Solio Reserve and
rhino conservation.

Kenya is a paradise for bird watching. Already around the Rhino Watch Safari Lodge, there are countless species of birds. These include endemic species such as the eagle owl. Also the variety of birds of prey is enormous with fish eagles, Augur buzzards, crested eagles, snake eagles and many others. Very colorful are the European rollers and starlings. We organize tours for bird watching and hand-made safaris with trained bird watching guides.